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Simple button, big impact. Cut through news overload and write more about right.

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Add the Act Now Button in under 5 minutes and 2 lines of code.


Our algorithm provides relevant actions to your content so you can save time on researching.


You can choose from curated actions that match your existing partnerships or get paid for new ones.

Stand Out

News is competitive, show your readers that you care about solutions as well as the story.


Be the source of the conversation topic and let active readers come back to you for stories and solutions.


Get insights into reader's behaviours, what they'd like to act on and what they would like to read more of.

Want to add actions? Checkout a tailored button free!


More to Discover

We're dedicated to helping steer the news in a good direction. There is a growing gap between stories and actions, we aim to bridge it.


We'll provide a selection of actions relevant to your content. These can be added automatically using our algorithm to intelligentally source the most effective and engaging actions for your site. Actions can include donation buttons to charities or buying social enterprise products; Links to read more about existing solutions to the problem; And do actions such as signing a petition or attending an event.



If you have sponsored or affiliate partnerships, you can make sure they have priority or discover more partnerships from our selection that you can get paid for. Build unique connections with groups from around the world and help build stories worth telling.



Get insights into how readers are acting and what they would like to see more of. Tailor your research and content to actively stay ahead of the competition. Run unique A/B tests and build connections that will help expand your network and reach.



Choose any of the following plans to get start with. You can start with the FREE plan and give the button a test drive. You can always change your plan from your account.


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